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December 01, 2022
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You Are being exploitated
Updated On: Jul 24, 2015

Exploitation - The action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work.

County Waste workers have been required to leave $$$(thousands) on the table as a condition of their employment.

County Waste has exploited its employees by not paying them "true"overtime pay.

the fact that the longer you work the less you earn is exploitation in its sharpest form. 

County Waste has set up a system where some employees receive top pay and pay nothing for benefits - this is called "conquer and divide"

those employees that pay nothing for benefits have seen their co-workers co-contribution increase and all employees have experienced a change in benefits with out of pocket deductibles increasing along with an increase in  prescription drugs. 

County Waste pays its employees in Orange county the rates they receive to keep the "Union" on the outside looking in.

keep this in mind if a union was not present in this market place your wages would not be what they are.

check the above listed link and see for yourself Waste Connections pays its employees the lowest possible wages as compared to Republic and Waste Management .

if County Waste pays its employees that drive for the company an average of $205 per day that = $25.63 per hour for a weekly salary of $1025. Under a union contract that rate of pay would increase to $38.44 but under County Waste continued Exploitation of its employees this rate of pay ($25.63) actually decrease the longer you work.

Most routes at County Waste run about 50 hours per week  which reduces the hourly rate to $20.50 and your overtime rate to Just $10.25 do the math you are losing thousands ($$$$$) per year. using the $10.25 per hour for OT that = $5125 as compared to a "True" overtime rate of $38.44 x 500 OT hours =$19220 additional income.

Each year you work for County Waste NON-UNION you are leaving approximately $14k per annual on the table.

County Waste will tell you this is not true and maybe our numbers are estimates but the fact remains "you lose money" getting paid Chinese OT.

some may think the following

  • You will lose your safety bonus
  • you will have to pay for benefits
  • you will lose your bonus
  • All of these are False and subject to Negotiations if the union prevails in an election

Laborers Local 108 has been the exclusive representative of Private waste workers in Orange County for over 20 years. our members enjoy benefits such as

Paid Sick and personal time , High Quality Benefits including dental, eye glasses and Life insurance, Grievance protection, Voice on the job, Guaranteed wage increase, job promotion , seniority protection, Paid Vacation and employer paid retirement plans, Real "True" Overtime payment of Time and a Half and double time, The List Goes On! 

Exploitation Must stop at County Waste and they only way it does is by organizing .

Keep organizing

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