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December 01, 2022
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Now is the time to Organize

County waste Employees in Orange County are being shortchanged!

Employer such as County waste use a loop-hole in the law to shortchange its employees of $$$, that others in Orange County receives!

???????-Translates to overtime or as we like to call it Chinese Overtime.

Unionized employees at IWS ,Marangi and Sims (Roll-off drivers)

Receive real overtime wages!

County Waste employees must go for an annual review to receive a pay increase while employees at the union shops get a wage increase guaranteed each anniversary of their agreement.

In 2013 the CEO of Waste Connections- Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Waste Connections, Inc. Ticker: WCN Headquarters: The Woodlands TX Industry: Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services In 2013,

Ronald J. Mittelstaedt received $5,385,433 in total compensation.

By comparison, the average worker* made $35,239 in 2013. Ronald J. Mittelstaedt made 153 times the average worker's pay.

Isn’t it time to organize?

Get what’s coming to you and let County keep the-??????? (overtime)

Jul 27, 2015
County Waste knows that they are exploitating its employees!!! In this Life you either stand up or you get stepped on. County Waste destroys the established Area standards!! ISSUES! County Waste Employees have no Voice.

Page Last Updated: Jul 27, 2015 (11:14:00)
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